Explorers – Ages 6 to 8

Explorers – Ages 6 to 8

Camp Activities for The Explorers:


*Explorers are grouped by age and ability within their division.

*Campers may request to be grouped together.

*The level of each activity also varies upon the age and ability of each group.



Lots of New Activities for Summer 2017!

Athletics: Campers receive hands-on instruction in sports like soccer, t-ball, basketball, tennis, kickball, and much more… In addition to developing proper techniques, campers also participate in other fun athletics like badminton, croquet, frisbee golf, table tennis, yoga and much more! Emphasizing fundamentals, teamwork, and positive sportsmanship, our Explorers succeed at gaining many of the benefits that athletics have to offer.

Instructional & Free Swim: All Explorers receive instructional swim from our certified lifeguards. Swimming curriculum focuses on understanding pool & safety rules, learning proper techniques for breathing, kicking, and different strokes, improving endurance, and much more. After instructional swim, Explorers enjoy free swim where they can show off their newly acquired swim skills! *All Explorers are tested for skill level each Monday.

Outdoorsy Exploration: Scavenger hunts, flying kites, cultivating “mini” gardens, water play, field games, exploring nature, and more… fun outdoorsy activities are endless! Outdoorsy Exploration allows our campers to burn off energy, improve their observational skills, be out in nature, and interact with their surrounding environment. This activity provides a great opportunity for more social interaction, creativity, and free play with their peers while breathing in fresh air.

Art Exploration: Campers create art projects that become keepsakes! Explorers are encouraged to try different areas of art, from molding clay to making collages, drawing portraits, painting landscapes, and creating bunk murals… there are many activities for campers to choose from!

Robotics: Using a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 robotics kit, Explorers build and program robots and learn many robotics concepts along the way. In teams, campers get a hands-on experience in the building & programming processes, and work together to complete fun challenges with their robots.  New robots for 2017!

Engineering Excellence: Engaging in both individual and group projects, campers improve hand-eye coordination, learn about planning, good communication, balancing, symmetry, sorting, and trial & error. From constructing model-size projects like high rise buildings, to building with blocks, and modeling/flying planes and kites, this is building to the max and learning the physics/engineering behind it!

Martial Arts: Focusing on improving self-defense techniques, strength & flexibility, and coordination, Martial Arts at Exploration is designed for our campers to gain more self-confidence, discipline, and concentration. This activity is truly a hit at camp!

Survival Skills: Essential safety and survival skills are at the center of this activity. Understanding your surroundings, learning water safety, knowing how to stay warm, cool, & dry in the elements, building a basic shelter, tying knots, and understanding how to use a compass are just some of the important topics covered in this fun and important activity!

Magic Workshop: Get ready to be wowed and amazed! Optical illusions with cups and balls, producing objects out of thin air, card tricks, rope escapes out of mid air, rubber band transformations, changing oil to water, how to work a crowd, and much more. A magician never reveals one’s tricks….except to our campers!

Cartooning: A picture is worth a thousand words. Cartooning provides our Explorers with another form of self-expression, where they can create their own characters, superheroes, and combine story lines with exciting art!

Math Mania: Campers experience a fun and educational game-based approach to learning math. Math riddles, quiz show competitions, puzzles, challenges, and other math-related games are only some of the activities that campers participate in. Math Mania is a great way to build upon math skills in an interactive and exciting way!

Brain Games: Children learn through play! Brain games are a powerful educational tool that teaches campers to solve problems, develop timing and fine motor skills, improve math & language ability, learn the principles of cause and effect, trial error, and so much more.  Brain Games are carefully selected for the Explorers’ specific age and cognitive development.

Science Discoveries: Using a well-rounded approach to science, Explorers engage in cool experiments exposing them to different disciplines of science.  Walk on slime, Make Moon Craters, Create Fog in a Bottle, Build a mini Volcano, Construct an Egg Protecting Contraption, and lots more… Fun experiments focus on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, and more!

Acting: In acting, campers learn and utilize improvisational skills, improve communication skills, and perform scenes and skits!  Campers who may not want to act can learn how to work behind the scenes in production!

French Immersion: Explorers immerse themselves in the French language and culture through songs, videos, stories, speaking, and reading. Whether you have French at school or are completely new to the language, these activities are fun and enjoyable for everyone!

Imagination Station: This station encourages our campers to stretch their imagination! Campers may create their own board games, re-design footware, explore our Super LEGO® Station, create a magazine, write a short film, design engineering plans for a super treehouse, and lots more… Imagination Station allows our our campers to bring their imaginations to life in a wide variety of ways!

3D Printing: What will 3D printing be like in 30 years?  This is one question we want our campers to explore this summer.  In addition to using a 3D printer, campers learn the awesome process of making three-dimensional solid objects in the “here and now” from a digital file. In addition, campers can modify existing objects in the program to customize their own print design. This intricate process allows our campers to see and experience cutting-edge technology, and to start thinking about the future…

Book Bonanza:  This fun and educational activity is designed to develop and encourage our campers’ love for reading.  Utilizing Waldron’s impressive library and “Story Mountain,” campers have the option to participate in reading stations, creating book illustrations, and/or enjoying quiet reading time on their own.  Campers may also bring in a favorite story to share with their bunk!

Weekly Themes & Special Events: Exciting weekly themes and special events take place each week.