Exploration Day Camp is an Exciting & Enriching main line day camp located at Waldron Mercy Academy in Merion Station, PA.

Exploration Day Camp is full of new and fun activities and events for Summer 2017!  Campers experience activities in Athletics, Technology, Creative Arts, Language Learning, Math, Science, Swimming, Special Themes & Events, and more all in a convenient location and beautiful setting! At Exploration Day Camp, campers LEARN A LOT, MAKE FRIENDS, and HAVE FUN! Our camp mission is to provide a SAFE, WELCOMING, and FRIENDLY environment where every individual is valued, included, and HAPPY! Camp is divided into three groups – The Pioneers (age 5 entering grade 1 in fall), The Explorers (ages 6 to 8), and The Adventurers (9 to 11). Instructors are top-notch and love working with kids. Looking for a great summer camp on the main line? Keep reading to find out more about this incredible camp experience!