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Creative Writing Camp

2018 Creative Writing Camp in Philadelphia PA and Main Line PA!

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Ages 10 to 12 – Space is Limited, Register Now!


Set in the format of a writing workshop, campers will have the entire week to focus on developing and writing their own fictional short stories. Before writing, campers will have the opportunity to read and discuss popular short stories, and share inspirational topics and story ideas with the group.  

So what should YOU write about?  To avoid “writer’s block,” we will have lots of story prompts (ideas) for you to work with, or which can serve to inspire you to create your own ideas.  You can also come to camp with ideas already in mind.

Once campers have their short story ideas, pre-writing will continue by researching the topic, outlining the story, setting the scenes in detail, and developing characters.

Campers move at their own pace through this process, and once ready, will develop a rough draft.  Scheduled workshops are held at camp each day for readings and constructive feedback/suggestions, and the instructor is available to guide and workshop with campers all week.  

After lots of writing, workshopping, and revising, campers will have a short story piece that they can be proud of (and even continue to work on at home!)

Valuable Learning Opportunities:

Get Your Creative Juices Flowing:  Creative Writing allows you to create your own story, characters, and world.  This is your chance to create something incredible, establish your voice, and share it with the world!

Learn the Creative Pre-Writing Process:  Many writers find it best to embrace a creative writing process that allows them to research a topic, outline a storyline, develop characters, set scenes, and much more, all before writing the rough draft!  This will help you flow through your story more easily when writing.  

Workshop, Workshop, Workshop:  Sharing drafts with the instructor and peers will allow you to garner lots of feedback, and help with the direction of your writing.  Whether it’s curing writer’s block, helping to find a solution, or suggestions to develop a character or idea further, the workshop atmosphere provides a collaboration that can lead to success!

A Piece You Can Be Proud Of:  At the end of camp, we want you to leave with a story you can be proud of.  Hopefully you will learn more about yourself as a person and a writer, and will grow from the experience!

Creative Writing Atmosphere:  The creative writing atmosphere can be lots of fun, especially when taking a week long journey with your peers and instructor.  We hope you will find this experience inspirational and make some friends along the way!

All Campers receive a Lavner Camps t-shirt and a journal!

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Our 2018 Creative Writing Camps are located at University of Pennsylvania ~ 3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 and Waldron Mercy Academy ~ 513 Montgomery Avenue, Merion Station PA 19066.

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Camp Discounts

Early Registration Discount – SAVE $30 per camp week when you submit registration and full payment for a camper by March 1, 2018 for one (1) or more camp weeks (full week, full days only) for any Specialty Camp.  This is included in tuition listed for each location below.

Multi Week Discount – Big Savings!  SAVE anywhere from $30-$300 on camp tuition by registering for multiple weeks.  This discount applies to ALL Specialty Camp Weeks (even if camp weeks are from different camps (e.g. Tennis Camp, Robotics Camp, Spy Tech Camp, and Fashion Design Camp).  Example:  A camper registering for 1 week of Tennis, 1 week of Robotics, 1 week of Spy Tech, and 1 week of Fashion will receive a Multi-Week Discount of $100 total!  

  • The Multi-Week Discount is calculated on a per child basis.
  • The Multi-Week Discounts only apply to camp weeks that are Full Week, Full Day (Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:30pm).
  • The Multi-Week Savings Discount can combine with either the Early Registration Discount or Additional Sibling Discount (if applicable).
  • The Multi-Week Savings Discount combines with any referral fees awarded to you via the Referral Program (if applicable).

Additional Sibling Discount – SAVE $30 for each additional sibling (2nd, 3rd, 4th child etc…) attending at least one full week(s), full days only, (9:00am to 3:30pm) of any Specialty Day Camp.  The primary camper is the child booked for the most camp weeks.  Additional Siblings qualify for this discount even if they are attending a different camp or location.  All Additional Sibling Discounts are awarded as refunds within fourteen (14) business days upon submission of your registration and payment for camp.  This discount will be provided as a partial refund to your credit card or by check by our camp office, depending upon your payment method for camp.

  • The Additional Sibling Discount cannot be combined with the Early Registration Discount.  In this case, the highest discount value is awarded.
  • The Additional Sibling Discount is combined with the Additional Multi Week Saving Discount.

Referral Program – Receive a $50 referral credit in your Lavner Camps Account for the next camp season (Summer 2019) for each “new family” you refer who registers their child for at least one full week of Lavner Camps during Summer 2018  (Monday to Friday, full days only).

Visit our Camp Tuition & Discounts Webpage for all terms & conditions regarding the discounts and referral program listed above.

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