Adventurers – Ages 9 to 11

Adventurers – Ages 9 to 11

Camp Activities for The Adventurers:


*Adventurers are grouped by age and ability within their division.

*Campers may request to be grouped together.

*The level of each activity also varies upon the age and ability of each group.


Lots of New Activities for Summer 2017!

Athletics: Adventurers receive instruction in basketball, soccer, track & field, tennis, badminton, frisbee golf, table tennis and participate in other sporting competitions like World Cup, Run-the-Bases, Around-the-World, freeze-tag, and much more! Campers play a variety of sports where instructors focus on team-work, technique, fundamentals, and sportsmanship to improve their skills and love of athletics.

Instructional & Free Swim: All Adventurers receive instructional swim from our certified lifeguards. Swimming curricula focuses on understanding pool & safety rules, learning proper techniques for breathing, kicking, and different strokes, improving endurance, and much more! After instructional swim, Adventurers enjoy free swim where they can show off their newly acquired swim skills!  All Adventurers are tested for skill level each Monday.

Outdoorsy Adventures: Enjoy all the fun and excitement of learning and playing outdoors. Benefitting from the opportunity to engage in various supervised physical games and activities, campers participate in outdoor adventures and enjoy a breath of fresh air!

Martial Arts: Focusing on improving self-defense techniques, strength & flexibility, and coordination, Martial Arts is also designed for our campers to gain more self-confidence, discipline, and concentration.  Camper have a blast at martial arts every year!

Survival Skills: Basic survival and safety skills are taught during this activity. Adventurers learn how to signal for help through signal mirrors and whistles, obtain water through a small filter system, tie various knots, use resources to build a shelter, the importance of First Aid, how to use a compass, understand basic survival code words, and much more! These skills are developed through dynamic learning and collaboration.

Art Exploration: Adventurers engage in different areas of art to create cool keepsakes. Whether they are painting, drawing, molding clay, or building 3-D projects, campers love bringing their creativity to life through art and taking them home to share with their family and friends!

Robotics: Campers use LEGO® MINDSTORMS® to learn the fundamentals of building and programming robots.  Adventurers work in teams and engage in awesome challenges and competitions. This activity is designed for our Adventurers to improve teamwork, trial & error, and learn skills in robotics.

App Creation: Adventurers explore app creation in this tech-based activity! Using Multi Media Fusion 2.5, these campers learn basic design & programming logic through a drag-and-drop program, where campers make their own APP from a blank screen.

French Immersion: Adventurers immerse themselves in the French language and culture through songs, videos, stories, speaking, reading, and much more! *Adventurers may also get a taste of the French culture by eating a popular French dessert!

Math Olympics: Campers are divided into teams and compete against each other in friendly, but exciting math games. Math Olympics helps our Adventurers to “think on their feet,” work together to complete word problems and riddles, and gain confidence in their ability to solve problems.

Computer Programming & Animation: Using Scratch, a computer programming platform, our Adventurers are able to program and design their own animated projects. Campers can create their own interactive stories and adventures while customizing characters and landscapes. Best of all, campers can share their projects with family and friends!

Science Discoveries: A well-rounded approach to science provides campers the opportunity to engage in different scientific disciplines, like biology, physics, chemistry, through cool hands-on experiments. *Many experiments are NEW for Summer 2017!

Brain Train: Learning is made fun while challenging our campers to a mental workout with brain games. Educational games and puzzles are not only a great way to stimulate the thinking process and cognitive development, but they also improve motor skills, math and language development and so much more! So hop on the “brain train!”

Sneaker Design Station: Adventurers have access to our Sneaker Design Station, where they can bring a pair of old shoes from home into camp for a “sneaker make-over!” At our Sneaker Design Station, campers select fashionable and trendy materials to redesign and reface their sneakers for a fresh look!

Creative Writing: Adventurers tap into their imagination and develop their writing skills while creating an original story or comic strip. Campers learn how to brain storm, organize their thoughts, create a story-line, write, and edit!

3D Printing: Using a 3D printer, campers learn the awesome process of making 3-Dimensional solid objects from a digital file. Campers utilize a higher level of modifying objects and are asked to create and print useful items that make daily living easier. This intricate process allows our campers to create amazing results and explore the future!

Weekly Themes & Special Events: Exciting weekly themes and special events take place at camp.